Eibokken's information contains several valuable additions to Hamel's "Description of the Kingdom of Korea." His most important contribution to itsen's work, however, is his vocabulary of 143 Korean words as listed on the next page (words requiring additional commentary have been marked with an asterks).

He uses the following Dutch transcriptions for Korean vowels and diphtongs: a or ae for , a or e for or , e for , and , o for or , oo for , oe (occassionally ou) for , i, ie or y for , Dutch j (and sometimes i) corresponds to the English y e.g. Jang = yang (nr. 75), piaer - py l (64).

For k as a medial or final he nearly always writes ck. instead of n he sometimes writes d (cf. nrs. 4, 14, 108). Because of typographical errors an original u may have been rendered as an n (cf. nrs 16, 19).

Several items in Eibokken's vocabulary97 evoke rather interesting speculations and observations



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